About Cascade Wild Bird Feeders®

Our Story — Reena and Jim Carter

As a Product Designer for 44 years, Jim designed and developed high tech, medical, and consumer products including bird feeders for clients around the country. In the process of designing many different feeders, the question nagged “How can I increase the number of feeding ports on a hummingbird feeder while maintaining a compact size?” From this question and numerous design iterations came the DNA Hummingbird Feeder, inspired by DNA strands. The helical approach creates far more ports and mimics flower clusters in nature, providing an instinctive feeding pattern with room for more birds.

Our Journey Continued

The helical design breakthrough turned into an exciting adventure. More features were added, like the flip-top for easy filling and easy cleaning. New ideas emerged, and new products developed. A hummingbird feeder with a single helix was a beautiful addition. And the realization of how fun it is to watch nectar cascade down through the feeder made us wonder about cascading seed. Thus, the journey to adapt the original design for songbirds began.

Cascade DNA Hummingbird Feeder with red cover, 32 yellow flower-shaped ports, on green background.
Teal floral background displaying Cascade Wild Bird Feeders brand logo.

Our Brand by Ideam Products

Jim and Reena embarked on building the Cascade® brand, named for the prominent feature of all the feeders. The Cascade brand currently includes the flagship DNA Hummingbird Feeder, the smaller Helix Hummingbird Feeder, the DNA and Helix Songbird Seed Feeders, and the innovative push-button Cascade Seed Scoop. Welcome to the Cascade Family. Our journey continues.

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