Cascade® Seed Scoop

Hand holding Cascade Seed Scoop  over flip-top opening of a DNA Seed Feeder. Thumb pressing button to release seed into feeder while the feeder is hanging. Winter branches in the background.

    Cascade® Seed Scoop

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    Save $10 when purchased with DNA or Helix Seed Feeder

    • Easy to Use the Cascade Seed Scoop. Scoop your seed, fit spout onto your feeder opening, press button to release, and watch seed flow smoothly into your feeder.
    • Perfect Fit with Cascade Seed Feeders. The Cascade Scoop fits perfectly onto the flip-top opening of the Cascade DNA and Helix Seed Feeders. However, you can easily fill any of your seed feeders.
    • Adjustable For Comfort. Rotate the lower adapter to 5 different positions to see which is most comfortable for you.
    • Fills Any Seed Feeder. Simply remove the lower adapter from the scoop handle to fill any seed feeder you own.
    • Unique Gift Idea. Pair with a Cascade® DNA or Helix Seed Feeder for a special birder in your life.
    • Holds Exact Amount of Seed for Cascade® Seed Feeders. You can confidently achieve a perfect fill every time without waste. Therefore, filling your Cascade feeders is easy and fun. Fit the Scoop onto the feeder opening, press the button, and watch the seed cascade. Fun and educational for kids.
    • Owner’s Manual and Instructional Videos Available Online.
    • Durable Construction. Constructed from tough UV-stabilized polypropylene resin. The Cascade Seed Scoop will provide years of use for all your feeders.
    • FREE SHIPPING: Free Ground Shipping through USPS. Orders placed after 10:30am MST will ship next day. However, on Weekends and Holidays, orders will ship the next business day. Note, expedited shipping is also available.
    • Size: 11.9” x 5.2” x 5.2”
    • Weight: 7 oz.
    • Constructed from tough UV-stabilized polypropylene resin


    2 reviews for Cascade™ Seed Scoop

    1. Zella H

      The Seed Scoop is ingenious. It makes loading the seeds effortless with no mess or waste. A must have!

      • Reena Carter (verified owner)

        Zella, we are so happy the Cascade Seed Scoop has made your life easier. Enjoy.

    2. Richard B

      Bought a DNA Songbird Seed Feeder for Grandma for Christmas and even with the cold weather we’re having, she’s been “living” in the backyard ever since. She loves her new feeder!

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