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Company Brief

Cascade® Wild Bird Feeders by Ideam LLC is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative products for bird lovers and the birding community. The company’s patented helical bird feeders mimic flower clusters in nature, providing a Natural Feeding Pattern™ for birds. The unique design is inspired by the recognizable DNA strand pattern and provides a delightful filling experience as nectar or seed cascades down through the helical shape. Co-founder and President, Jim Carter, is a product designer with 46 years of experience developing consumer products, including bird feeders.

Product Background

In the process of designing close to 50 different feeders for the top brands in the birding industry over a period of 25 years, the question nagged Jim for years — “How can I increase the number of feeding ports on a hummingbird feeder while maintaining a compact size?” From this question and numerous design iterations came the 32-port DNA Hummingbird Feeder, inspired by DNA strands. The helical approach creates far more ports and mimics flower clusters in nature, providing an instinctive feeding pattern that is healthier for birds. The helical shape allows room for more birds, and more room for a single bird to roam up and down the yellow flower-shaped ports like they do in nature.

Another prominent and pleasant discovery during our extensive design development and prototyping was the thrill of filling the feeder. It is so enjoyable to watch the nectar cascade. And the pitcher that is included with every hummingbird feeder allows for a perfect fill every time.

From the groundbreaking design of the DNA Hummingbird feeder came the smaller Helix; a single helical feeder with 16 feeding ports. Then, because many bird lovers enjoy songbirds as well as hummingbirds, we developed our Songbird Seed Feeders using the same recognizable helical design. The continuous helical perches allow songbirds to easily move up and down to the different ports. A notable feature of the DNA Songbird Feeder is that it can hold two types of seed in a single feeder to attract a variety of different bird species. To round out the Cascade product offering, we developed a Cascade Seed Scoop, designed to fit perfectly onto the DNA and Helix Seed Feeder openings, yet can fill any feeder by simply removing a lower adapter.

The Cascade Feeders are made from robust engineering resins 250 times the strength of glass, yet less than half the weight. The robust, yet lightweight feeder are designed for birds and enjoyed by humans.

Executive Bios

Founders Jim and Reena Carter
We are a husband and wife team who partnered in an award-winning professional design firm for over 36 years. Carter Design provided Graphic Design and Product Design services to clients from coast to coast for over 36 years. Clients ranged from startups to large national organizations that included AdventHealth, AT&T Broadband, Chipotle, Kong, and two of the leading birding brands as well as many more large and small organizations. In 2020 we put our love of birds and experience together to create these unique patented Helical Bird Feeders and build the Cascade® brand, named for the prominent cascading feature of all the feeders. Cascade continues to be a journey from the heart.

Jim Carter
Jim is the President of Ideam LLC, the makers of Cascade Wild Bird Feeders. He is the original creator, designer, and product manager of the Cascade products. Jim is not only an essential part of product development and management, but also an important part of branding and marketing. As a Product Designer for 46 years and inventor with over 75 US Patents, Jim has designed and developed high tech, medical, and consumer products including bird feeders (41 patents) for clients around the country.

Reena Carter
Reena is the Vice President of Ideam LLC and the force behind the design and development of the Ideam identity and the overall Cascade Wild Bird Feeders brand. She created the iconic trade dress used in the award-winning trade show environment, packaging, web presence, and print collateral. Reena also acts as Jim’s sounding board and collaborator during research and development of new products.

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Cascade Wild Bird Feeders, a brand of Ideam LLC

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Reena Carter

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